Water rescue device
floating neck collar
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What is this

There are many dangerous situations in the water. You have to be very careful!

Swimming fatigue

We do not always rely on our strengths when swimming intensively in the sea or fresh water. It so happens that fatigue stiffens muscles and there is no power left to float. Helper device will help you in these dangerous moments. Just pull the activator handle and relax in a safe position.

Extreme Sports

Adrenalin! Freedom! Extreme! But also quite probable danger to the athlete. Unlike traditional rescue equipment — Helper rescue collars do not hinder movement. Even most experienced of us need some insurance.

Dangerous current

In the sea or on the river, there are currents that are not easy to resist. Current can carry a swimmer far from the shore, into deep water. Relax to gain strength and return to the shore with the help of our devices. Put on HELPER before swimming!

Sea animals

Attack of dangerous sea animals, such as stingrays, jellyfish, sea urchins and others can injure or temporarily immobilize a swimmer — creating a danger to life. Helper will save swimmer’s life in this case!

Our experience

Development of reliable means of rescue, requires confident skills!
We make reliable and convenient rescue devices!

Our team is developing a rescue tool-rescue collar HELPER with all responsibility. The vocation of our product is to save lives, and we spare no effort and time to study all the smallest nuances.
Multiple testing under different conditions with the latest technology - brings the reliability of Helper to 100%. That is why the name of the product contains the marking 100

Among the many means of salvation, HELPER is unique and convenient! It does not restrain mobility and gives confidence during you water activities.

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