About Helper

Helper, the floating neck bracelet for safe swimming, is a modern device that increases the safety of adults and children in the water: in the sea, in the river, in the lake, in the pool — in any pond where you can swim, dive, play and relax in the water. The Helper device is not a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and cannot replace a life vest where it is required to use. Helper is a supporting device that provides additional security in water. It has a buoyancy of more than 50 newtons (11.2 pounds of buoyancy).  Thanks to Helper, a swimmer is able to provide himself with the first aid when confronted with an unforeseen situation in the water.

The Helper device is compact, comfortable to wear, doesn’t hinder movements neither in water nor on land near the water.

  • The Helper device is very easy to use:- Put on the neck, fasten the strap and tighten it for comfort;- When necessary, pull the red trigger grip; the mechanism will fill the chamber with CO2 gas from a special cylinder placed inside the Helper; lifebuoy will be inflated around your neck in a couple of seconds;
  • The inflated chamber will hold your head above water. Then you can get to a safe place on your own or wait for help. You can attract attention with an attached whistle.

Helper is a device with an estimated lifetime of several years depending on the intensity of use. For safety reasons the self-replacement of the cartridge is excluded. You cannot use the Helper device after activation for the second time.

With the beginning of the active operation of the Helper in water, the outer joint of the device case can gradually open. Do not attempt to fix it. The discrepancy in the seam is permissible and does not affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the Helper. This place is for exiting of the inflated rescue chamber from the device body when activated.
The gas cylinder and the trigger are inside the waterproof chamber itself and are not exposed to aggressive aquatic environment.

Helpers are made only from high quality materials at a high-tech manufacture in South Korea. The product has the certificate of conformity CE.

Travel with Helper on a plane.

Helper device contains a Cartridge with 12 grams of pressurized, non-flammable CO2 gas.
Based on a ruling of the IATA, the international trade association of the world‘s airlines, you are allowed to carry four such cartridges with you on an airplane in carry-on and checked luggage with approval of the aircraft operator. Please find Table 2.3A, Subsection 2.3 from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation below that confirms this regulation:

As our product is new on the market, not all airport personnel may be aware of these official regulations. Therefore we recommend you to print this document and show it at the airport if there is a necessity. As a rule, most airline companies require to transport Helper device in luggage. It is allowed to carry 4 Helper devices in one luggage.

The floating neck bracelet for safe swimming HELPER
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